Hot Air Balloon Safari in Tanzania

To enjoy a hot-air balloon flight over the vast yet stunning Serengeti plains will offer you a memorable experience. This amazing experience offers a chance to experience and enjoy the wildlife in this amazing destination with sights of the big herds of animals right below you. It is such a breathtaking point of view.

Normally, these balloon flights set out early in the morning starting at the Serona Valley found in the heart of the Serengeti National Park. This part of the Serengeti is blessed with a large number of wildlife all year round, and this guarantees that each time you take the balloon flight there is plenty to marvel at. Although a hot air balloon is expensive it is much worth the taking as the experience of watching this wildlife up from the sky beats all adventures.

To enjoy a hot air balloon in Tanzania to the fullest requires that you have at least a night in one of the lodges within the Serona region in the Serengeti so that you can leave from your lodge as early as 6 am. This will offer the best opportunity to set off from your lodge before the daylight as Night gamer drives aren’t allowed within the Park’s boundaries.

The Hot air balloon will be launched gently starting at the Maasai Kopjes. From there you will slowly rise from the beautiful plains at the very first daylight, and rise above the trees-canopy with the daybreak. Once in a while, the balloon rises to 1 kilometer or even more above the Serengeti, while other times you may float over the acacia trees. The serenity of the flight is much experienced and just interrupted by the irregular blast of the burners while they push extra warm air into the big balloon and the occasional sounds from the bush.

The Hot Air Balloon flight lasts close to an hour and on landing there is a wonderful champagne celebration plus an enjoyable bush breakfast within the Serengeti. Full English breakfast is served on linen-clothed tables with well-laid-out silver cutlery.

After breakfast, you are presented with a memento of your fascinating flight which is presented in appearance as a certificate. After that you are free you drive back to your lodge from where you can proceed with the safari itinerary.

Hot Air Balloon in Tanzania

Factually the balloon safari has become very popular and today it is recommended that you book earlier. Nonetheless, if you choose to include this safari in your itinerary at the eleventh hour, you can directly book it through your lodge in Central Serengeti, or request your tour agent or tour company to do the booking for you. This will be possible if you are lucky that the balloon flights aren’t fully booked.

The Balloon safari is a romantic and suggestive way of experiencing the Tanzania wildlife, as you elegantly and silently soar over the Serengeti crowded with herds of animals early in the morning. Normally, a balloon safari starts around 6 am and goes for one to two hours, taking you over the plains with splendid sights of wildlife right beneath you.

The hot air balloon safari can be included in any safari itineraries that comprise of spending a night within any of the beautiful lodges in the
Serengeti such as Sopa Lodge, Serena, or Seronera Lodge.

Ever since 2008 a new launching area found in Western Serengeti, called Kirawira was established and offers comfortable balloon Safaris from Kirawira lodge, Mbalageti lodge, Grumeti River Lodge plus other adjacent western lodges!

What you need to know

A maximum of 16 adults is allowed in the balloon.

Children below 7 years are not allowed to participate in the hot air balloon safaris.

Hot air balloon safari is becoming one of the most popular and interesting on safari activities to participate in when you travel to Africa. Going for a hot air balloon actually offers you a memorable and amazing opportunity to get an Aerial view of the African wildlife. Adding hot air balloon safari on your safari itinerary offers a chance to explore the beautiful Tanzania landscape as well as throw in a number of game viewing from close by and you’ve got all the components to a marvelous adventure.

The balloon flight safari is very quiet so it offers a perfect opportunity to see animals up close and also en masse because of the overhead viewpoint you will get in a balloon flight. You possibly can see mile after mile of these African plains. And the only noise will be the gentle hiss of the balloon’s gas burners the tranquility offers you the opportunity to simply enjoy the moment in time and amazing at all your eyes can see.