Explore East Africa on Self Drive Safari

4×4 Vehicle with rooftop tent for a self-drive safari in East Africa

Going on a safari in East Africa is such an amazing choice every traveler may want to take, but deciding to go for a self-drive camping safari spices up the adventure. Choosing one of our well-serviced 4×4s available for self-drive hire and enjoying the real African wilderness. Hiring a 4×4 vehicle for self-drive safari offers complete freedom to explore all the destinations at your own pace and safe having it in mind that 4×4 vehicles from 4×4 East Africa are well equipped with all the tools you need to drive on bad roads in east Africa.

Best Self-Drive Safari Company
Self-Drive in the East African region with 4×4 East Africa Ltd offers you a chance to explore this African region, with the consolation that you will utilize the best 4×4 vehicles, camping gear, and backup services available.

Imagine the enjoyment you will get after driving yourself to a national park, searching for animals on your own, and setting your campsite for the next several nights. Lounging around the fire enjoying drinks, and paying attention to the calls of the wild while watching the African dusk, is a memorable experience.

Common 4x4s for Self Drive Cars for Hire in East Africa

4×4 East Africa, we have the largest fleet of vehicles in the region and all our vehicles are well serviced and reliable. We have a 24/7 emergency line on which you can call in case of breakdown or emergency. We have offices in different locations in the region that make one-way rental possible and easy.

In case you planning a self-drive safari across the East African region, we have a huge discount for those hiring for many days like 15 days and above to explore the East African region. for any advice about how to travel in do a self-drive safari or booking a car self-drive in East Africa, contact us at info@4x4eastafrica.com or you can call us or send us a WhatsApp at +256 773 728 141.

Toyota Land Cruiser TZ/TX

Its a Toyota Land cruiser Prado TZ with a pop-up roof, its perfect for tourists planning to visit national parks bacause the pop-up is used while on game drives in the park.

Land Cruiser GX 1996 Manual

For the stick shift lovers, we also have this strong 4×4 Land Cruiser GX model 1996, its perfect for those who have projects in the region and planning to visit remote areas where roads are in terrible state.

Land Rover Deffender

The Land Rover Defender, is one of the best and reliable 4x4s commonly used in Africa, it’s true that whenever you mention the word safari vehicle, most people think about a Land Rover.

Land Cruiser VX/V8

It’s a Land Cruiser VX with a strong V8 engine manufactured by Toyota leading Japan’s automobile maker. The vehicle is available at 4×4 East Africa for self-drive hire in East Africa.

Land Cruiser HardTop

It’s a Land Cruiser Hardtop, one of the most common vehicles used in Africa. The vehicle is available for hire in East Africa at a very cheap price. contact 4×4 East Africa for all car rental services in the region.

Nissan Patrol

4×4 East Africa offers the best 4×4 vehicle hire in the region and Nissan patrol is among the variety of vehicles we have. The vehicle is available for both self-drive hire and can cm with a driver.

4x4s for Self Drive hire with camping gear

Self Drive Safari Routes and Itineraries in East Africa